Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dear Lord...

Usually, Paul tucks in Jared for bed at night and they say their prayers together. Paul has told me that Jared has such sweet prayers. Well, today for nap, as I usually do, I was tucking Jared in when he stopped me and said he wanted to say "Dear Lord..." I said to him "Okay." I started to say "Dear Lord..." when he said "No, no, I say Dear Lord." I said "Oh, okay. You say Dear Lord then." His prayers are so cute, sweet and innocent. His prayer was "Dear Lord, thank you for lunch, thank you for my bath (he took a bath before naptime), thank you for the lotion on the owies on my toes, thank you for Dada, thank you for Mama. Amen!" Awe! I love him so much!

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