Monday, March 05, 2007

Got My Mind Set On You

Okay, in case you didn't know, (like I didn't) "Got My Mind Set On You" was composed and sung by George Harrison of The Beatles. I should know this, though, as I took a music class all on The Beatles in college. But I think George did this song after The Beatles.

In any case, do you ever have songs stuck in your head? One that you keep singing over and over and over again in your mind? This happens to me a lot :P Sometimes, I wake up in the morning with a Christian worship song in my head. On Saturday, Jared and I watched the VeggieTale video Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush and I had a song from it stuck in my head the whole afternoon. The song was "Pizza Angel," one of Larry the Cucumber's Silly Songs (BTW, Jared loves VeggieTales and the Silly Songs :) ). Today, I have another song stuck in my mind. It's a song from the Kindermusik class Jared is taking. It's the welcome song we always sing in the beginning of class, "It's our time to sing together..."

What happens to me a lot is I will just sing the first few words of a song in my head and then it's stuck. And it's stuck there for quite a while ;) What I like to do is play with Paul and tell him "Guess what song's stuck in my head? Let me sing it to you!" He usually says "Noooooo!" because he knows it will get stuck in his head too. HA!

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