Monday, February 12, 2007

I pay!

Okay, yet another very cute story about Jared :) (this story was related to me by Paul)

Yesterday evening I went out for dinner with a friend. So Paul and Jared decided to go have pancakes for dinner. Before heading out Jared grabbed some paper "money" (fake, from his Busy Bible) and said to Paul "Dada, you not pay for dinner. I pay." Huh? Okay. Sure. So they went out and ate pancakes. When they were all done and ready to go pay Jared said to Paul "I pay." Paul said "Okay," not knowing what would happen next. Jared then dug deep into his jeans pocket and pulled out one paper bill. He placed in on the counter next to the register. Paul said "Thanks for paying for dinner Jared!" and then Jared retrieved his "change" (or the bill from the counter). Awe! How cute is that? He has such a sweet, kind and generous heart!

Next time we're out to dinner with you, Jared's paying ;)

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