Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A New Year

We pray that all of you had a blessed Christmas and a safe New Year's. Ours was very good! Christmas was spent at home in AZ. It was fun to see Jared's joy and excitement for Christmas this year! He's already having fun watching the "Cars" movie we got him and the Veggie Tales DVDs that Grampy and Grammy Carlson gave him. We had friends and family over for Christmas dinner. We didn't stay up late for the New Year. Although, I think I heard fireworks going off probably around midnight :) We did celebrate my birthday by having friends and family over for some fun!

It's already 2007! We can't believe it! This year will bring lots for us...we'll celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in February!, Jared will turn 3 in March!! and we have a trip to North Dakota in June to see Paul's brother, Michael, be wed to Samara! And I'm sure the Lord has much more planned for us this next year!

Hope you look forward to a new year this year!

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