Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Catch Phrases

Here are some more cute phrases Jared likes to say...

- "I'd like some Coke" Well, he's not asking for Coke, the drink, but actually asking for ice. Somehow, he thinks "Coke" is "ice." I tell him "Coke? Or do you mean ice?" Crazy boy.
- "I do it" Yup, the big, independent boy.
- "Momma, talk!" or "Dada, talk!" He says this when we're being quiet and not talking and he wants us to talk with him. Or he says this when he is asking us a question and wants us to reply.
- "Momma, guess what?" I will then ask him "What?" Then, he replies with "What're doing?" I think he's trying to say "Guess what I am doing?" but is breaking up the sentence ;)
- And his favorite phrase lately..."Christmas!" He usually says this when we're looking at outdoor lights or Christmas trees. Oh!, and he loves to then sing "O Christmas Tree" or "Jingle Bells." He usually says to me "Momma, sing O Christmas" or "Momma, sing Jingle Bells." Then, he will sing with me. Awe!

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