Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jared loves to talk

Jared is such a talker! He definitely knows what and how to say things. Some phrases he says a lot...

-- "what is / are the 'fill in the blank' doing?" For example, "what are you doing mommy?" or "what is the boy doing?" or "what is that man doing?" He usually asks what someone is doing. Then, when we say "I don't know. Tell me what he or she is doing." He replies with what that person is doing. So smart!!
-- "it's yummy and tastey," usually a reply when we ask him how something tastes. Too cute!
-- "be careful mama." I guess he picked up this one from me ;)
-- "I'll be right back" and then "bye bye." He likes to say this when he remembers he wants to bring something out to play with or remembers he wants to go grab something to show us. He says it with a very serious face too - HA!

In addition to all of his talking, he LOVES to sing. He can sing through the ABC song. He will ask us to "sing the ABCs" and he gets all of the letters and words. Very smart! He also loves to sing "The B-I-B-L-E," "Oh Happy Day," "Happy Birthday to You" and "Jesus Love Me" songs. Plus, he will make up his own songs, with loud and soft parts of the song too. I think I've sung through the "La La La" song before :)

It is so fun hearing him talk and sing! He is so smart!

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