Friday, November 03, 2006


We've been having a good fall so far. It is great having cooler weather. Now, Jared can go outside and play all he wants ;) He rides around on his trike and "mows the lawn" a lot with his bubble mower.

In October, Jared and I took a fun fitness class for kids. He got to play with other kids on trampolines, on mats, with hula hoops, climbing up and down an obstacle course, etc. He enjoyed it! I am already looking at the parks & rec spring semester catalog to see what is available. There's lots to choose from...a kids ceramics class, a class on music, a sports class!

We had a fun and safe Halloween. We almost didn’t go out. Jared came down with the stomach flu / cold :( Praise God that he got much better! He was well enough to go out trick-or-treating for a little bit. This was the first year he was really into it. We’d tell him “okay, now you go up to the door, ring the bell, the door opens and what do you say?” He’d say “trick or treat!” He really enjoyed that! We also hung out in our friend’s driveway, who was handing out candy. Several of the neighborhood ladies "Ooooo"d and "Ahhhh"d over Jared. They thought he was the cutest fighter pilot ever! Needless to say, he went home with a VERY heavy trick-or-treat bag ;) We have a few Halloween pictures on our website, under "Holidays" and "Halloween."

Hope 'yall are having a good fall too!

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