Monday, September 11, 2006

"Time flies" or "I've lost track of time"

"Does anyone know what time it is?" or "Does anyone have the time?" We've noticed that Jared is trying to understand time lately. How we figured it out was he kept saying "3 weeks" or "4 weeks." He would say "take a shower in 3 weeks" or "dada home in 4 weeks" "or "dinner in 3 weeks." We just thought it was cute of him saying "3 or 4 weeks" but then we realized that he's trying to understand time. Ah ha! Now we get it! I guess it's TIME to get him a watch or clock - HA! :P

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cuddle up with his quilt

Jared has something new to cuddle up with...a quilt! I've been wanting to make another quilt and so making one for Jared was a good excuse ;) I found a pattern I liked (I did add another row and column to make it bigger) and I went with a fabric that Jared enjoys, fire trucks. Jared has already started to use the quilt, to pull out and lay on for storytime. We're sure this quilt will get much love and use from Jared! You can see more pics of the quilt at our website, under "Jared - Twos" or "Maria - Quilting."
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