Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Enjoying the summer

Yes, we have been enjoying our summer. Jared had fun attending two weeks of swim classes back in June. Now, he jumps right into the water, enjoys holding his breath under water and kicks and swims (with supervision, mind you) all over our pool. With all this summer swimming, he has quite the tan now...There are more Jared pics at our website, under "Jared" and "Twos."

We had fun Fourth of July, celebrating with some friends a few days before and then driving to the Chandler fireworks the evening of. It was fun seeing the fireworks but we still miss our ND fireworks :( !!

We are going to head up north in a few weeks to Flagstaff, to get out of the hot and humid days of August. We look forward to that trip. In about 160 miles, we'll be surrounded by big pines and 20 degrees cooler weather. It will be a nice getaway for the three of us!

Hope you are enjoying your summer...keep cool ;) !

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