Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer time!

Yes, it's summer time! We can really feel the summer heat here in AZ...111 degrees :) Hotter weather means it's swim time too. We've been in our pool a handful of times now. Jared enjoys the pool but on his own terms. He's not too hot to go "swimming" in deeper waters, away from the pool steps. We got him enrolled in a mommy-and-me swim class, where he will learn how to float on his back, kick, blow bubbles, etc. Our first class was this morning and it went okay. I think Jared was more interested in swimming in the play area :)

Jared is doing well and growing faster than ever. He's learning much and wanting to do more stuff by himself, e.g. get into and out of his seat, walk without holding mama's or dada's hand, etc. As always, he keeps talking and talking and talking. We are going through colors, numbers and the ABCs with him. He does great talking through everything. Check out the latest audio of him going through the ABCs, under the "Jared" and "The Twos" links on our website.

Keep cool :)
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