Monday, May 15, 2006

You betcha :)

Yah, you betcha we had a good time in Minnesota :) We took a two-week vacation there. Paul's sister, Mary, gave birth to a baby girl, Kezia, in March. Plus, Mary and her husband, John, have been building their new house for the last two years. So, we got to see Mary, John and Kezia and their new homestead.

We had a fun time, visiting with family, being at the baptism of Kezia (which we were sponsors of) and helping out Mary and John around the house and with the baby. We saw much wildlife...birds, wild turkeys, deer, racoons, pigs, wildflowers. It was cool seeing all of that! We also took a paddle boat tour up the Mississippi and a farm tour from Mary's sister-in-law, Becky and family. Jared enjoyed playing with his new baby cousin and spent lots of time running around outside on the open range :) Check out pictures of our trip

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