Monday, January 30, 2006

Grandpa's Future Driver :)

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since we posted on our blog. We are doing well. We are enjoying our cooler winter weather and spending as much time outside as we can...because soon it will be summer again :) We pray that you too are enjoying this milder winter!

Jared is growing into a big toddler! He loves playing with friends and other kids. Currently, he enjoys pushing around the garbage truck Grammy and Grampy Carlson got him last year. Now, he knows the fun of pushing it around :) He'll "dump" the "trash" into the back of the truck and then drive the truck around. He's been pushing it all the way from his room, to the family room and then around and around the coffee table. Grampy has a future garbage truck driver here, ready to help out on the routes in ND :)

Jared is talking lots now. He will say what we say. Some words he says are "kitty," "night night," "mama" (FINALLY! :) ), "help," "on," "off" and much, much more. He even knows what jokes are. So, he will babble something and then laugh. We'll join in on laughing at his jokes too :) He loves to cuddle with our cat, Bear...although Bear might not enjoy the cuddling as much as Jared :) Jared also loves to pray with us. He'll put out his hands to hold hands and pray. He also says "amen" with us. Too cute, I say!

Jared is coming up on his second birthday! We can't believe it is already two years! He is such a blessing to our family!
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