Thursday, December 08, 2005

Santa's Little Helper

Okay, maybe Jared is Mom's little helper :) He loves helping me around the house. Lately, he gets our broom out of the pantry and will go around the house "sweeping." I tell him "Are you helping Mom clean? Thank you, Jared!" He really loves that broom :)

Other than being our helper, Jared is soaking in the Christmas season. He LOVES (and that is an understatement) the Christmas lights on the outside of houses. He will ask us to please go drive around and look at lights. He also enjoys looking at all of the ornaments on our tree. There are a couple that are "babyproof" that he can take off and look at, e.g. a stuffed monkey and reindeer. His Grandma Carlson (Martha!) gave us some Christmas books that had carols inside. So, he loves it when he can sit in my lap and hear me sing the carols. He likes flipping through and looking at the pictures too.

Jared is babbling like crazy. He is great about signing "please," "more" and "milk." Lately, he is saying, not signing, "thank you." It is too cute when he says it..."tank chews" :) He enjoys playing with kids and LOVES (again, an understatement :) ) to dance. He'll hold on to our hands and dance, dance in his seat and will even dance while we are holding him in our arms. He is such a sweet and cute little boy!!

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