Sunday, November 13, 2005

Goodnight Teddy Bear

Jared has been doing the cutest thing lately that I thought I would share with you :) Like most parents, we have a bedtime routine with Jared. We get him ready for bed, with PJs and some calming music. We sit down in the rocker and read a story with him, while he sips away on some water. Then, we lay him down in his crib and give him one last sip of water. Well, Jared thought he would share his water with the fuzzy teddy bear that sleeps with him. He holds the sippy cup to the bear's mouth, makes a drink noise, like "smack smack," and then looks at us with a big grin. He must think his little bear needs a sip before bed too :) He's been doing this for the last few weeks. It is the cutest thing ever!

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