Saturday, October 08, 2005

New Set of Wheels

Our family got a new set of wheels today! We were able, with God's help, to donate our Pathfinder to a needy family and then get a new minivan. We were running with one car for a while. That was a change. Then, Paul worked out a deal on a new Odyssey for us. It is pretty slick! We already love it. The best thing is that there is A/C for Jared in the rear of the vehicle. That is great for our hot Arizona summers. The minivan has a great amount of interior space too, either for hauling stuff in the back or seating more kiddlings. Jared gave it a "thumbs up" :)

1 comment:

grampy said... got your new wheels.Now when can we see a picture of your new Honda???How many kiddlings will fit in the new wheels???Drive very saftly with little guy with you!!

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