Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Too Sweet!

It has been fun watching Jared play with our friends' little girl, Grace. They are both getting into playing with one another. Just today, Jared was sharing his snacks with her, helping her pick up her dolly and letting her play with his toys. They are both too sweet! I posted some pictures of them playing together (under "Jared," and "Second Year").

Saturday, October 08, 2005

New Set of Wheels

Our family got a new set of wheels today! We were able, with God's help, to donate our Pathfinder to a needy family and then get a new minivan. We were running with one car for a while. That was a change. Then, Paul worked out a deal on a new Odyssey for us. It is pretty slick! We already love it. The best thing is that there is A/C for Jared in the rear of the vehicle. That is great for our hot Arizona summers. The minivan has a great amount of interior space too, either for hauling stuff in the back or seating more kiddlings. Jared gave it a "thumbs up" :)
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