Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pilot in Training

Jared loves watching and listening to the airplanes that fly around out here. He can hear an airplane flying over while we are inside...and he will then look out the windows and point to it :) Then, when we are outside, triking or walking around, we have to stop and look up at the planes. We have a little city municipal airport that I think Jared would love to go to and see all the planes take off and land. Guess he is our little pilot in training :)


grampy said...

Wow.....I think you should help him study fast and he could be your pilot coming to Minot.Just think,that would take away your problem of entertaing him on the way to Minot.

auntie mary said...

Jared would not hear many planes at my house. Coyotees some nights, though.

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