Wednesday, September 21, 2005

1/2 Birthday in North Dakota

Well, our little boy is turning 1.5 years old tomorrow. Yikes, how time flies!! He is such a joy! We both love how fun and boisterous he is. He talks a lot and is so inquisitive. He listens for airplanes flying over and stops to watch them go overhead. He understands what we say, which I think is amazing. He is too sweet with everyone, especially our cat, Bear :) Check out Jared's link for the latest photos of him.

We will be in North Dakota for Jared's 1/2 birthday tomorrow. We will kinda get to celebrate it Saturday evening, as we have a dinner and fireworks evening planned. It will be fun seeing Paul's family again! I hear that Grampy and Grammy are set to spoil Jared too :) ...a sandbox, fun swings and tons of toys. The last time Paul's parents saw Jared, he was a little over a year old and the last time Paul's brother and sister saw him, he was 5 months old. Boy, will they be surprised by the boy :)

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