Wednesday, September 21, 2005

1/2 Birthday in North Dakota

Well, our little boy is turning 1.5 years old tomorrow. Yikes, how time flies!! He is such a joy! We both love how fun and boisterous he is. He talks a lot and is so inquisitive. He listens for airplanes flying over and stops to watch them go overhead. He understands what we say, which I think is amazing. He is too sweet with everyone, especially our cat, Bear :) Check out Jared's link for the latest photos of him.

We will be in North Dakota for Jared's 1/2 birthday tomorrow. We will kinda get to celebrate it Saturday evening, as we have a dinner and fireworks evening planned. It will be fun seeing Paul's family again! I hear that Grampy and Grammy are set to spoil Jared too :) ...a sandbox, fun swings and tons of toys. The last time Paul's parents saw Jared, he was a little over a year old and the last time Paul's brother and sister saw him, he was 5 months old. Boy, will they be surprised by the boy :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pilot in Training

Jared loves watching and listening to the airplanes that fly around out here. He can hear an airplane flying over while we are inside...and he will then look out the windows and point to it :) Then, when we are outside, triking or walking around, we have to stop and look up at the planes. We have a little city municipal airport that I think Jared would love to go to and see all the planes take off and land. Guess he is our little pilot in training :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Starting to Cool Off

Whew! It is finally starting to cool off here. Now, the highs are tolerable and the lows make the days cool again. The mornings and evenings are so nice now. Jared will love going outside to play and his new trike will get many miles on it :)

Jared and I just took a walk around the neighborhood this morning. He LOVES getting outside. He listens and watches for airplanes, birds and neighborhood dogs. He also loved watching the lawn maintenance people trim a neighbor’s lawn :) Ahhhh, the cooler days of autumn are fast approaching!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another Haircut

Jared is due for another haircut. I forget how many haircuts he has had now :) He looks like a scruffy little boy. His haircut will be just in time for his second trip to North Dakota. Gotta look dapper for Grampy, Grammy, aunts, uncles and cousins :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Our first web log!

Yes, we are "with it" by having a blog :) I thought it would be cool to have this. That way, family and friends all across the US can read up on Paul, Maria and Jared. Sounds like fun?
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